The Inspiration: Alice Buffett

A passionate, popular and respected educator in the Omaha Public Schools for more than 35 years, Alice Buffett inspired generations of students and fellow teachers to achieve their best.

Known for her unwavering dedication to her students, Alice Buffett taught Home Economics at both Omaha Central High School and Benson High School.

Today, Ms. Buffett’s legacy lives on in the Alice Buffett Outstanding Teacher Award, a program established in 1988 by businessman Warren Buffett.  

“Delighted” to honor his aunt in this way, Warren Buffett called Alice “a terrific teacher. Every student was an individual to her.” Occasionally running into his aunt’s former students, Mr. Buffett notes, “every student she had remembered her and remembered her interest in them specifically.”

Dr. Sandra Hodges, former Omaha Public Schools Assistant Superintendent and student of Alice Buffett, fondly remembers Ms. Buffett as “an educator who always took care of her students and demonstrated a protective, nurturing demeanor while still setting high standards.”

Alice Buffett’s love for teaching and her students was matched by her love for adventure. During her life, Ms. Buffett traveled extensively in the summer, exploring Europe, Asia and South America. Alice Buffett’s career spanned from 1935 until her retirement in 1969. She passed away in 1970. 

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